Testing and Training

We had a busy pool night last week. The pool is a great place to try out new kit before moving to open water. It’s also a great chance to build up fitness ready for the current seasons trips.

Hill Hole Quarry: Crayfish rescue!

A little tired from four days diving in the sea off Plymouth; I’d driven back home the night before. Now the alarm was going off again. It was 6am. The sun was shining. Today was the second site in our Midland Pools Project: Hill Hole Quarry. Our aims, as before, were to investigate what lay beneath the water, do a preliminary survey, and remove what rubbish we could. We’d got permission to dive, and a key to the site, from Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Rob and Ellie picked me up at 7.15am and we set off for Markfield....

Newbold Quarry: The first Midland pool

“We need to do some project diving this year,” said Martin, “do some work; more than just look at stuff down there. But local, something local.” “Why don’t we dive some quarries?” said Rob. Three months later, and we’re here: Newbold Quarry. The first day’s diving on the Midland Pools Project. (Well, these things need a name!) It had taken some effort to arrange: identify a site, make a reconnaissance trip, negotiate permissions (plural) to dive, develop a plan, risk assessment and method statement. We consulted our friends at Ghost Fishing – UK on the latter. We worried about...

General data protection regulation – GDPR

As the song goes He’s making a list He’s checking it twice He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice Santa Claus is in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 But not Marlin Sub-Aqua Club! We take your privacy seriously and so have taken a number of steps to ensure compliance with the new law. This has included an audit of the data and processes we apply, and the creation of an improved Privacy policy and Acceptable usage policy. These comply with GDPR, and can be found on links at the footer of each page on...

In Memory of Brian Thake

Marlin SAC have received the sad news that Brian Thake, one of our founder members passed away on April 7th 2018 just a few days short of his 87th birthday. Brian was a keen sailor all of his life and learned to dive at Hinckley sub aqua club after his retirement .  In  1997 Brian  and a few of his friends decided to set up their own BSAC branch based at the old Pingles Swimming pool in Nuneaton, Brian was the inspiration behind the name ‘Marlin’ and the club logo. Brian donated the funds to buy the first 10 new sets...

Diving trip to Eyemouth, Scotland

This trip is now full. When: 13th – 18th August 2017 Where: DiveStay (WaveDancer), The Home Arms, High Street, Eyemouth TD14 5EY, UK Summary: Travel up (and shore dive if wanted) on Sunday. Accommodation on the Sunday to Thursday nights. Diving on Friday then drive home. £360 for diving and B&B.

Saving Lives at Sea

In 2012 Marlin Sub-Aqua Club’s members changed our bye-laws to say that, should we ever hang up our fins, sell all the club kit and disband the branch, then instead of returning the proceeds to our members we’d donate the lot to the RNLI. Find our why we love these guys so much in an hour – 9pm on BBC1, episode 2 of Saving Lives At Sea‬, (catchup now on iPlayer). Love ‪diving‬? Join us.

Stoney Cove twice in a Week

Two trips to Stoney Cove this week for Marlin Sub-Aqua Club‘s volunteer Open Water Instructor Steve: firstly on Tuesday to buddy up with Advanced Diver and OWI Garry while he built time on his rebreather, and then again today introducing newly qualified ‪PADI‬ diver and ‪‎BSAC‬ member Steve to his new dry suit in open water. The viz today was, shall we say, ‘cloudy’ with lots of trainees about, but both our Steves, (and members Jamie and Martin) thoroughly enjoyed their day. Also nice to chat to two Health and Safety Executive inspectors this morning – great to see...

DIY Kit Rinser

Here’s a weekend project – making a kit rinser!  Putting it together takes 15mins, the hard part was working out the materials required… Materials: Water butt, £19.99 (B&Q) 1/2″ high pressure ball valve part 2, £5.98 ball float, £1.98 1/2″ rubber washers (they don’t come with the ball valve, grrr), £1.28 1/2″ threaded tap connecter (blue part in picture for connecting a garden hose to an outside water tap), £1 1/2″ water stop connector (not required if you already have a garden hose), £1 Garden hose. Method: Drill hole in side of water butt*, Bend float arm so it isn’t...

Last Voyage of the Thistlegorm

Check out this video of the Thistlegorm. Well worth watching if you are planning a dive there or have already been. Password is: LVOTT1994 All credit to: Caroline Hawkins Creative Director Oxford Scientific Films