Qualified divers

BSAC divers

After the initial Ocean Diver qualification, the next course in the BSAC Diver Training Programme is called Sports Diver, which allows you to progress to a maximum depth of 35m.

The BSAC Sports Diver course includes theory lessons, practical lessons in a swimming pool or similar sheltered water, and four open water dives. This course programme is used to develop Ocean Divers and holders of entry level qualifications issued by other diver training agencies.

The Sport Diver syllabus consists of the following elements:

  • Six classroom lessons
  • Theory assessment
  • Dry practical lesson
  • One sheltered water lesson (in the swimming pool)
  • One optional refresher/orientation dive
  • Five open water lessons

Divers with other qualifications

If you qualified with PADI, SSAC, SAA, SSI, or any other diver training agency, you may join Marlin Sub-Aqua Club without doing any crossover training to satisfy BSAC. You can enjoy diving with us within the recommendations of your existing qualification and BSAC Safe Diving practices (whichever is the more conservative).

Our Branch Diving Officer, who is responsible for all diving within the club, will review your qualifications and practical experience just to make sure you are safe in the water. Some further theory study and skills practice might be required to close any gaps that become apparent, but this can all be done within the club.

All club members are encouraged to continue their training and development as a diver, and if you wish to further your diver training with BSAC, the qualifications you already hold are recognised as the starting point for further training.

Option 1

Qualified divers wishing to join Marlin Sub-Aqua Club, but not continue their training with BSAC:

  1. The diver joins Marlin Sub-Aqua Club and BSAC
  2. The diver presents evidence of their alternative diving qualification
  3. Marlin Sub-Aqua Club consults the similarity table and identifies the alternative diver qualification with the appropriate BSAC diver grade. The diver is then integrated into the club and treated as a diver of that similar grade
  4. The new member can apply for an optional equivalency card from BSAC
  5. There is no documentation to be issued. Divers will be expected to attend a brief “introduction to BSAC” lesson that will describe how the Branch structure works, outline the aims, beliefs and function of BSAC as well as some basic BSAC foundations

Option 2

Qualified divers wishing to join Marlin Sub-Aqua Club, and continue their training with BSAC:

  1. The diver joins Marlin Sub-Aqua Club and BSAC
  2. On request, Marlin Sub-Aqua Club will order a crossover training pack for the next BSAC diver grade
  3. The crossover training pack will include the student notes and a BSAC Qualification Record Book – with an extra “statement of alternative training” page to record the previous training
  4. On completion of the course, the diver will be a BSAC qualified diver at that new grade. With this process, the new member may train for the next higher BSAC qualification

What are the benefits of club training?

As a BSAC branch all of our training is provided voluntarily by club members. Training is provided by instructors who are nationally qualified which means the training you receive is of the same quality as you would find at commercial dive centres. However our instructors teach diving purely for the enjoyment they receive from passing on their knowledge, and not for payment, which means training can take place at your own pace. By joining our club and learning with us you will continue to learn new things all the time and hopefully make some new friends as well along the way.

Please contact us to learn more – we are all very friendly and will be happy to answer any questions or just chat with you about any aspect of diving.