Introducing the club committee

I joined Marlin Sub-Aqua Club at the beginning of 2013 and am a Dive Leader and Assistant Open Water Instructor. The opportunity arose to join the committee and I took it in order to begin putting something back into the club. My aim is to support the Diving Officer in increasing the opportunities for diving in both the UK and abroad for all our members. If you live near Nuneaton and are a diver, or want to become a diver, then please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!


I’m and Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. I dive regularly in all seasons and am keen to help all club members to further their training and diving experience. As Diving Officer I am responsible for all diving and training carried out within the Branch.


Diving Officer
I’m Hugh and joined Marlin Sub-Aqua Club at the end of 2013 after moving from Watford. I’m and Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor. I wanted some time off from committee work after 25 years of it but as you can see, I got my arm twisted and here I am as Treasurer. Pleased to help out.

Well… I just love diving and have been at it for 28 years. I have had some fabulous experiences, have met some terrific people and have dived all over the world (someone has to!). I love the Red Sea as it’s so close for easy diving but I also love diving the UK and enjoy diving from both hard boats and RIBs. I am retired now and am trying to play “catch up” with places I missed before but can’t do the teckie stuff with three cylinders any more.


Treasurer & Membership Secretary
I joined Marlin Sub-Aqua Club at the end of 2010 with my wife as we both wanted to learn to scuba dive at our own pace in a friendly environment. I qualified as an Ocean Diver in early 2011 but with the happy arrival of a new baby girl finding time to dive is restricted. I took over development of the club’s website in my spare time and took on the role of Secretary as it fitted very well with the communication required for running the website. I then moved on to club Chairman but with the arrival of my second child I then took on a General Member position instead. As of November 2016 I have returned to the position of Secretary having qualified as a Sports Diver.


I’m Jamie, the Equipment Officer, and I’m responsible for managing the club’s scuba kit, from masks and snorkels to BCDs and cylinders, so that it is always available when we need it. I’m the one you’ll meet when the kit is given out on club nights and I make sure it’s all washed and locked away neatly before I leave. If you need kit for an open water dive I’m is the man to see!


Equipment Officer
I started diving with BSAC back in 1997 and am now an Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. Like most of our members my own training is continuing and, together with other instructors, I am involved with regional training events that keep our skills sharp and benefit our club. I dive all year around in a wide variety of places and conditions, at home and abroad and enjoy having so many dive buddies that I know and trust to dive with me safely. If you are thinking of taking up the wonderful sport of diving, or if you have already gained qualifications from any diver training agency come along and meet us. You won’t regret it if you do. It gives you the opportunity to see a different world that few get to see and to make some very good friends.


General Member
I’m an Ocean Diver and joined the committee in 2017 as a General Member.


General Member