Midland pools project


The Midland Pools Project involves surveying and cleaning-up the underwater environment in the water bodies of Warwickshire and Leicestershire, close to where Marlin Sub-Aqua Club is located.

A baseline survey reveals the condition of the aquatic environment. Subsequent surveys permit changes to be monitored.

All diving is undertaken under our “Surveying and Litter Removal Method Statement and Risk Assessment”, with the consent of the landowner and/or site operator, and in compliance with all applicable legislation and licencing conditions.


  • Recording water depth, temperature, visibility, lake bed composition and profile
  • Recording aquatic life, including the presence of crayfish
  • Recording the presence of any heritage items from the old quarry works (e.g. block houses, roads, tracks etc)
  • Determination of the extent of underwater geology
    • Removal of litter.

    Newbold Quarry, Warwickshire

    Hill Hole Quarry, Leicestershire

    • Baseline survey and clean-up, 7 July 2018 | Plan | Report

    Blue Pool, Warwickshire

    • Baseline survey and clean-up, 19 January 2020 | Plan | Report

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