Martin comes up with an ingenious solution to washing kit post dive.
kit rinserHere’s a weekend project – making a kit rinser!  Putting it together takes 15mins, the hard part was working out the materials required…
  1. Water butt, £19.99 (B&Q)
  2. 1/2″ high pressure ball valve part 2, £5.98
  3. ball float, £1.98
  4. 1/2″ rubber washers (they don’t come with the ball valve, grrr), £1.28
  5. 1/2″ threaded tap connecter (blue part in picture for connecting a garden hose to an outside water tap), £1
  6. 1/2″ water stop connector (not required if you already have a garden hose), £1
  7. Garden hose.
  1. Drill hole in side of water butt*,
  2. Bend float arm so it isn’t right in the middle of the water butt,
  3. Assemble everything
  4. Make tube from old plastic bag and tape to outflow of the valve, to stop the running water noise during operation!
  5. Connect float valve to mains water using garden hose (not shown)
  6. Connect a length of old hose onto the water butt outflow tap and route to drain (not shown).
* Buy a suitable drill bit! – I used a wood bit which chewed a large hole in the water butt, although fortunately not so large that the washer didn’t cover the mess.


  1. Check you aren’t on a water meter (you could always use the waste water to irrigate the garden!)
  2. Fill with SCUBA kit
  3. Turn on mains water
  4. Open the waterbutt outflow tap to drain water slowly out (float valve keeps the system nicely topped up).