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The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.
—Jacques Cousteau

Welcome to Marlin Sub-Aqua Club

We are a friendly scuba diving club based at Pingles Leisure Centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Our aim is to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the wonders that lie beneath our seas, whether you are a nervous beginner, or are already a veteran. We welcome adults who have never dived before and who want to learn, as well as divers who have already qualified, regardless of their training agency. Our knowledgable instructor team can help you develop the skills you need for almost any diving objective. The club meets every week, dives together regularly, and today continues to provide safe and adventurous diving experiences for all our members. So why wait? – come and join us!

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Full diving membership is £50 per annum

To learn

We will teach you to scuba dive, and give you an internationally recognised qualification

To develop

We welcome divers who qualified with any training agency

To dive

We scuba dive regularly in the UK and abroad

Latest News

Ghost Fishing in Plymouth

An edited version of this post was first published in the Ghost Fishing UK newsletter, June 2018, and is reproduced here with permission.Photographs © Ghost Fishing UK, used with permission. Truth be told, I was feeling nervous, sitting in my place on the boat. It had been a few months since Scapa Flow, where I’d become a ghost fisher. I’d kept in touch with the team, and even started a course to fine tune my buoyancy and propulsion. But now I was back, and wondering whether I was up to it. This time it was Plymouth, on the English...

Hill Hole Quarry: Crayfish rescue!

A little tired from four days diving in the sea off Plymouth; I’d driven back home the night before. Now the alarm was going off again. It was 6am. The sun was shining. Today was the second site in our Midland Pools Project: Hill Hole Quarry. Our aims, as before, were to investigate what lay beneath the water, do a preliminary survey, and remove what rubbish we could. We’d got permission to dive, and a key to the site, from Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Rob and Ellie picked me up at 7.15am and we set off for Markfield....