Marlin Sub-Aqua Club is pleased to announce we have been awarded £7,739 by Sport England for our project ‘Return to Play’. The project will run from 1st June 2021 until 30th November 2021.

This project is planned to reactivate the club for the benefit of its current and future members now that lockdown is easing. It will also set us up for next year when we will seek to expand our membership to introduce more people to the sport.

Scuba diving is an adventurous sociable physical activity that brings a whole host of fitness and wellbeing improvements to people’s lives. Diving provides participants with a deeper connection to their environment. The need to be ‘in the moment’ while under the water can be likened to mindfulness, which is known to reduce stress. This is just the sort of thing we need after the last year!

However, scuba diving can be an expensive pursuit, with personal equipment, breathing gases and travel, subsistence and boat charters adding up to considerable sums. Marlin Sub-Aqua Club has always sought to reduce the cost of diving for adults and especially hard-pressed families in our community. We do this firstly by providing equipment, facilities, and low-cost training opportunities, and secondly by providing opportunities to go diving locally in freshwater and further afield in the sea. Now it is more important than ever to reduce the barriers for local people pursuing sport by providing more opportunities for participation. Additional equipment is needed to enable this and that is what Sport England has generously funded for us.

We are very grateful to Sport England and the players of the National Lottery for this funding.