Stoney Cove 22nd Dec 2016

Despite the cold 6*C temperature but good 10M viz, Mike W and I saw a fish which we have never seen there before. As we descended from the Gresham to the 20M level but before we took off west to the APC, we saw a black Bullhead fish (Millers thumb, Cottus Gobia). Or at least that’s what I think it is. However it normally lives in rivers. I have emailed Stoney Cove for verification. Awaiting outcome Hugh On 29th Dec Stoney Cove emailed me to say there had been NO previous sightings of Bull Heads. These normally live in gravelly bottom...

Brixham Breakwater Beach

On Sunday 13th November 2016, 5:30am saw two divers (Martin and Jamie) from Marlin Sub-Aqua Club set off south from Nuneaton to Brixham in Devon for a day’s shore diving. Arriving at the Breakwater Beach carpark (Berry Head Rd, Brixham TQ5 9AF, £5/day) at 9am we saw an SMB moving gently out on the bay – other divers, a good sign! We did three dives: Dive 1: We headed out to sea (north) from the beach for 25mins then turned left. This brought us back to the breakwater and we could then exit at the south-west corner of the...

Diving trip to Eyemouth, Scotland

This trip is now full. When: 13th – 18th August 2017 Where: DiveStay (WaveDancer), The Home Arms, High Street, Eyemouth TD14 5EY, UK Summary: Travel up (and shore dive if wanted) on Sunday. Accommodation on the Sunday to Thursday nights. Diving on Friday then drive home. £360 for diving and B&B.

St Abbs & Eyemouth, 2016

On Sunday 21st August 2016 six divers (Garry, Hugh, Jamie, Martin, Peter and Steve) from Marlin Sub-Aqua Club made their way north from Nuneaton to Eyemouth, Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders, via St Abbs for a week’s recreational diving. Arriving at St Abbs in time for afternoon high water, two buddy pairs completed a shore dive from the lower carpark at the harbour (parking £5/day) in the summer sun. A short swim out across kelp park to Seagull Rock was immediately rewarded with clear viz at 14m in the sandy-bottomed gullies around the rock, which was covered with colourful...

Saving Lives at Sea

In 2012 Marlin Sub-Aqua Club’s members changed our bye-laws to say that, should we ever hang up our fins, sell all the club kit and disband the branch, then instead of returning the proceeds to our members we’d donate the lot to the RNLI. Find our why we love these guys so much in an hour – 9pm on BBC1, episode 2 of Saving Lives At Sea‬, (catchup now on iPlayer). Love ‪diving‬? Join us.

Stoney Cove twice in a Week

Two trips to Stoney Cove this week for Marlin Sub-Aqua Club‘s volunteer Open Water Instructor Steve: firstly on Tuesday to buddy up with Advanced Diver and OWI Garry while he built time on his rebreather, and then again today introducing newly qualified ‪PADI‬ diver and ‪‎BSAC‬ member Steve to his new dry suit in open water. The viz today was, shall we say, ‘cloudy’ with lots of trainees about, but both our Steves, (and members Jamie and Martin) thoroughly enjoyed their day. Also nice to chat to two Health and Safety Executive inspectors this morning – great to see...

Swanage, June 2016

We booked a two day mid-week trip, diving with Swanage Boat Charters on their boat “Viper” skippered by Bryan. The weather looked good as we left Nuneaton at 4.30am, Hugh driving Martin and Jamie, and Steve and Garry travelling together in the van. But the rainbow that followed us down the motorway foretold rain. We arrived in Swanage to drizzle and mist, but this soon burned off, and we were left with lovely calm seas. A fried breakfast from the Seagull Cafe by the pier set us all up for the day. The first dive was on the wreck...

Ear Clearing

If you have trouble clearing your ears, or are just interested in knowing more about auditory system physiology, then take a look at this video:

DIY Kit Rinser

Here’s a weekend project – making a kit rinser!  Putting it together takes 15mins, the hard part was working out the materials required… Materials: Water butt, £19.99 (B&Q) 1/2″ high pressure ball valve part 2, £5.98 ball float, £1.98 1/2″ rubber washers (they don’t come with the ball valve, grrr), £1.28 1/2″ threaded tap connecter (blue part in picture for connecting a garden hose to an outside water tap), £1 1/2″ water stop connector (not required if you already have a garden hose), £1 Garden hose. Method: Drill hole in side of water butt*, Bend float arm so it isn’t...

Last Voyage of the Thistlegorm

Check out this video of the Thistlegorm. Well worth watching if you are planning a dive there or have already been. Password is: LVOTT1994 All credit to: Caroline Hawkins Creative Director Oxford Scientific Films