Marlin at Capernwray

A group of us headed up to Capernwray for a pleasurable two-day trip. The group consisted of Jake Forster, Lee Robinson, James Sheldon, Hugh South and Marc Coxon. Myself, Lee and Hugh headed up to Capernwray in Lee’s van at around 6:30 am on Friday, with Marc and James travelling […]

Marlin at Pembrokeshire

– “Weather conditions were perfect, sunshine and temperatures in the late twenties with a gentle breeze, and the sea was like a millpond”     Choosing a dive destination in the middle of a pandemic was not easy. Availability of accommodation for five divers was quite a challenge to find, […]

Marlin at Shetland Islands

This eagerly awaited trip saw four members of Marlin Sub-Aqua Club (Rob Corby, Martin Maple, Mike Waddington and Jamie Vaughan) head up to the Shetland Islands for six days diving with Orkney and Shetland Charters. The trip was made even more unique as we had never been diving at these […]

Plymouth Trip

This was to be the first club trip of the year. A total of six divers from Marlin SAC attended the weekend Rob Corby, Martin Maple, Lee Robinson, Kyle Sherriff, Jamie Vaughan and Mike Waddington. All divers had performed their lateral flow Covid testing in the morning before leaving for […]

Marlin Annual Christmas Dive 2020

  On 20th December 2020, six Marlin Sub-Aqua Club members descended into Stoney Cove for the annual Christmas Dive. Mike W, James, Mike C, Martin, Rob and Jamie   Considering it is December, the water temperature was almost tepid at 8°c.                   […]

Marlin go to Eyemouth – September 2020

Everyone was fed up… Covid-19 Lockdown until July, Red Sea trip to Egypt cancelled, appalling weather, rain and blowouts, when Jamie suddenly thought of a rescue plan. We hadn’t intended to go to Eyemouth this year as we had been for the previous four years running, but he found that […]

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