Kit for Sale

We have been asked to make you all aware of some local kit for sale. The guy selling called in to the club and asked if we wouldn’t mind advertising this collection to our members. It has been unused for the past 2 years. Any questions about the kit should be directed to the number on the list. New members please remember to check with an instructor before purchasing any kit, they can give you a lot of advice and stop you from buying the wrong thing . For sale list – Non member

Scapa Flow, 2012: Part 1

Four of us jumped at the opportunity to spend the week, with 8 other divers from Britain, Germany and France, on the liveaboard ‘MV Invincible’ the largest dive boat in the Orkney fleet. This was no ordinary diving trip; over the course of the week we learned about much of the history of Scapa in WW1 and of the Scapa Wrecks. Monday morning we were awoken at 6 a.m. by the ferry leaving. It was a bit damp out at sea with waves approximately 2m high and wind against tide creating a triangular sea. I decided I’d rather help...

Farne Islands, 2012

It seems like ages ago that the club went on a trip to the Farne Islands, the weather wan’t great as with most of the British summer this year but I’ve picked a selection of photo’s to showcase what we saw despite the run off from the rivers murking up the waters.

Five go to the Scillies

Five go to the Scillies (not by Enid Blyton) Day 1After negotiating the early start to accommodate Cathy not wanting to get up too early, she decided not to go. So off we all set at 8:30, well 10:00 by the time the vehicles were packed and we said goodbye.With fish and chips waiting for us in Plymouth the slow journey down turned out to be a bit quicker, which lead to an afternoon sunning ourselves in Mountbatten Intro to the boat, safety brief was short as we were required to go to the pub for the evening meal   ...

Weekly Deco

While the majority of our members were either away in the sunshine or on the boat journey from HELL around Cornwall, seven of us met at the Pingles last night to try out some underwater acrobatic techniques. I don’t think we’re quite ready for a synchronised event but everyone gave it their best shot and said it was worth doing.Out of interest, Biddie said she did a sponsored event removing and replacing her kit underwater a few years ago and raised a substantial amount for charity. Next week everyone should be back from their travels and there will be...

(Not quite) Weekly Deco

Plymouth WeekendDid anyone not know we went to Plymouth? We learned a valuable lesson. Never check weather reports before you go anywhere. With torrential rain and gale force winds forecast we decided to leave the boats at home and pack expedition type clothing. We spent the weekend watching other boats whizzing around on the flat calm sea in the sunshine. It was bikini weather but Kev had left his at home. I believe he’s packed his thong for the Scillies week. He has been warned that Lisa will stick a fork in anything which looks like a sausage. I...

Fun in the Pool

It was a busy night in the pool on Thursday 3rd, two instructors with new Ocean Diver trainees, Nicky and Martha getting to grips with their drysuits (ready for a chilly trip to the Cove) with another instructor and a try diver with a fourth. Meanwhile, zipping between the other divers and a few swimmers were a small daredevil group trying out a DPV.To steal a quote: “I wonder what would happen if we filled the pool with swimmers and divers, chucked in  a d.p.v and let a couple of amateurs hoof it up and down the pool. I’ll take my first aid box; it’ll be fine.”...

Underwater Photography Workshop: 2

You should have seen what was in the pool last night… tropical fish and sharks mingling with swimmers and photographers with no blood shed. Thanks to Joe for providing the pretty fishes which are now in the equipment store as part of our club resources, to be used at any time should you fancy bringing in your camera. We decided that a Thursday night doesn’t give us enough time to use computers to edit the photos so we’re going to set up a workshop on a weekend to which all members will be invited.

Diving to 40 metres with Clothes On

On Sunday 11 of our members attended the Dry Dive session in the Hyperbaric chamber near Liverpool. The morning began with an explanation of the work done at the chamber (accompanied by some gratuitous gory photo’s of injuries). The chamber operates 24/7, 365 days a year with the majority of their work being to aid healing following injury, fire, or other trauma. Diving incidents account for a very small percentage of their cases but the telephone is manned the whole time by someone able to give advice if anyone suspects DCI. The message I got was that if you...

First Aid Training Update

Branch Training Activities Kev’s reputation must be spreading. Last night we had 19 members eager to brush up on their first aid skills. I’m sure there were even a couple of new jokes in this week’s presentation. Next Thursday will be the last of this set of lectures which will bring together everything we’ve been learning and give us the chance to simulate some incidents. We’ll then have a break for a week before beginning the O2 course.