British diving is the best in the world

We don’t disagree that diving in the warm, clear waters of the Red Sea and elsewhere is amazing. We know! We do it! We don’t disagree that to dive around the UK takes more committment. Our waters are colder, and our underwater visibility is usually lower. We are more dependent on the tides, and more at the mercy of the weather. But that doesn’t mean you should ever be cold, or that you won’t see as much that interests you. The challenges simply makes British diving more rewarding – and that is why it is number one.

Two examples:

  • Wreck diving – from the wrecks of the south coast, to the scuttled German fleet at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, British waters are filled with world-class wrecks.
  • Seals and sharks – the Farne Islands off the Northumbrian coast, and Lundy in the Bristol channel offer the chance to dive with playful seals. Basking sharks, the second largest fish in the world, visit our waters between May and October. Walls and gullies studied with jewel anemones, British waters are filled with world-class wildlife too.

A flavour of what BSAC is all about…


If that still doesn’t convince you, here are a few of our photos:

Our members all find their own interests and underwater experiences: from squidge to wreckies, from Seasearch observers to Nautical Archaeological Society recorders, from photographers to videographers, from recreational divers to technical divers, we have a plethora of diving interests. That is the reason why we train; why it is worth the effort to get to the coast; worth the disappointment being blown out by the weather – to see what few others have seen, to experience what few others have experienced. Come and join us, and dive with friends!