Happy New Year Everyone

Considering how cold, dark and wet it was last night we had a reasonable and boisterous turn out for our first meeting of 2012, with 17 members and 3 guests, including one try diver. We’re hoping that talk of Kevin’s doo dah, Eoin’s penchant for wearing women’s clothing and Joe’s suggestion that he would wear a Rah Rah skirt to show his support for Eoin in New Zealand will not have frightened the try diver away. He said he’d had a good night with Kevin and promised to return next week but was last seen beating a hasty retreat from the pool.

We began the evening by congratulating Chris on managing to trap persuade Hanna to be his better half. Wedding bells are anticipated sometime this summer. This was followed by Kev’s announcements for the training programme, which begins next Thursday, see below for details.

The seed was sown for a possible club trip to Australia (specifically Cairns) at the beginning of November, timed to coincide with Eoin’s visit to NZ and Oz and Garry and Steve’s sortie to Truk and Oz. If this is something you might consider, or are just curious about, please let me know and I’ll do some costings


Branch Training Activities

Next Thursday sees the beginning of our 2012 programme of activities for all diving members, trainees and divers qualified to any level, with the first of four sessions of the First Aid for divers SDC. We are going to kick off at 7.45, setting the chairs out etc to make the most of the hour available to us.
This will be closely followed, on the Saturday (14 th Jan), by Joe’s presentation of the theory part of the photography SDC. Beginning at 10 a.m. the day promises to be informative and entertaining. Bring cameras, housings if you have them, sandwiches, tea bags and jammie dodgers or equivalent. For directions or other info contact Joe.

Other training planned to be completed before Easter includes 2 weeks oxy admin, defibrillation and the Buoyancy and trim workshop. Garry has run the nitrox course for a couple of members who qualified before the introduction of nitrox into the DTP. It now appears that there may be others who would gain from doing this, either as a new topic or as a refresher. If you think you would benefit from learning a bit more about the use of nitrox speak to Kev or Garry . For information about dates and times of training take a look at the calendar on our website which is constantly being updated.

The next Instructor Foundation Course is being run by West Midlands on 25th/26th February 2012. Do we have any Sports Divers or above who might be interested in taking the first step on the ladder to becoming an instructor?

Don’t forget to check the calendar: https://www.marlinsac.com/about/calendar/

Or the pool marshal list (Ask the committee for the password!): https://www.marlinsac.com/members-area/pool-marshal-rota/