Plymouth Weekend
Did anyone not know we went to Plymouth?
We learned a valuable lesson. Never check weather reports before you go anywhere. With torrential rain and gale force winds forecast we decided to leave the boats at home and pack expedition type clothing. We spent the weekend watching other boats whizzing around on the flat calm sea in the sunshine. It was bikini weather but Kev had left his at home. I believe he’s packed his thong for the Scillies week. He has been warned that Lisa will stick a fork in anything which looks like a sausage. I don’t know if she’d bother with a chipolata.
Back to Plymouth, we did manage to look at plenty of shore diving sites, and concluded that most of them would be easier to do by boat and all will be suitable for O/D trainees. We also had a lovely walk around the Barbican which was lively. Cov club were in Plymouth with their boat. They were staying in a B and B of which there are plenty so there’s all kinds of accommodation to suit all purses. Poor lonely Kev has a spare bed in his caravan. If you fancy sharing it with him just submit a short profile and we’ll see if you’re a match.

Thursday 10th May (This week)
Another busy Thursday with plenty of training and swimming going on and everyone pitching in which is brill. We also had an hour in the Attleborough Arms where Daren and Kev seemed to spend most of their time giggling. What is going in with those two? I did hear dolls and catheters being discussed but it didn’t seem to be the kind of conversation a lady would want to get involved with.
Next Thursday is teacher training in the Scillies. However for the rest of us it will be business as usual and Eoin is going to be our supply teacher, prepared to teach snorkelling and/or swimming. We also have a couple of dive leaders who can go in the water if wanted but we’ll need to know before Thursday to inform
the DO and TO what’s going on. We won’t be using club kit but if anyone wants to bring their own scuba gear and play with me and Martin (If his cold’s better bless him) I’ve already cleared that with the bosses.