While the majority of our members were either away in the sunshine or on the boat journey from HELL around Cornwall, seven of us met at the Pingles last night to try out some underwater acrobatic techniques. I don’t think we’re quite ready for a synchronised event but everyone gave it their best shot and said it was worth doing.
Out of interest, Biddie said she did a sponsored event removing and replacing her kit underwater a few years ago and raised a substantial amount for charity.

Next week everyone should be back from their travels and there will be a bit of drysuit training going on, contact Kev if you’d like to do that, but if anyone wants to play with me and Martin we’ll come up with something more challenging. Next Thursday is also our next whole club meeting, if we’re not all meetinged out (Is that a real word?)
This is your chance to question or comment on anything that’s been going on in the club and to raise anything else that’s interesting you, anything you would like us to provide for you?
I think this time it will probably be a short exchange but let Mike know if you want anything in particular on the Agenda. The meeting will start at 8p.m. prompt as we do need plenty of time to sort out kit and briefing for the students and players.