Stoney Cove twice, Babbacombe and Eyemouth - it has been a busy few weeks for Marlin Sub-Aqua Club divers.

In the last couple of months we have been diving at Stoney Cove twice, Babbacombe, and Eyemouth.

Mike C writes, “The sun was shining as we managed to pick an absolutely gorgeous day to start off our monthly trips to Stoney Cove. Water temperatures weren’t as accommodating as the the weather but still some longer dives were done. “Visibility varied from very good on the shelf in the sunlight, to almost zero where the clouds of debris fell off towards the depths, back to good again once into the deeper water. “Eight members came along during the day: Garry, Steve, Jamie, Rob, Hugh, Mike W, Mike C and Pete (sans diving).” Martin continues, “Jamie and I had a day trip to Babbacombe in Devon – our first sea dive of the season, albeit at a maximum depth of about 6m. A mistake setting my alarm clock delayed our departure a bit (oops, sorry Jamie!) but we made up time on the way and so were there about the planned arrival time, just after 9am. Two dives followed, with not a cuttlefish in sight, however we did see a couple of catsharks, a pipefish, and the resident seal. “Garry and I then had a weekend in Eyemouth doing some deeper diving at up to 43m. We dived with Marine Quest on Mary Jo, heading up to the Firth of Forth on the Saturday, and then down to the Farne Islands on the Sunday. Although the Friday was blown out, we did still get four dives in: U-74e, Islandmagee, Nidelven, and Saint Andre. “Hugh, Mike W and I were the only ones in attendance at the second monthly Cove trip of the year, perhaps because the weather was not so good, although Jamie did pop down for a chat during the surface interval! Interest was added to the first dive by using bearings to navigate round the wrecks, which surprisingly worked better than the usual hit-and-hope, I mean, pilotage, method. “It was a good day, with Mike also getting several skills signed of for his Sports Diver qualification.” The club plans a trip back to Babbacombe this month, weather permitting, before the cuttlefish depart, or there is always Brixham later on. Plans are also being made for a mid-week trip to Swanage next month too.