Lundy Island, 12 miles out
With a promise of seals and more
But a weekend with some Easterly Breeze
leaves you wondering what you saw

We sailed out and sun shone bright
With the wind upon our backs
The skipper said, “The other side”
as the foam then covered our tracks.

The first dive was a simple one,
descending steadily down the shot
There was lots to see , if you took your time
……….even poor lobsters in a pot !

John was excited after the dive
and I wondered, why the fuss
but as I was looking the other way
he had seen an Octopus !

So back on deck we had a rest
and moved in close to shore
The seals were looking at us in Jest
entering the water, not in awe !

We snorkelled , dived and played around ,
but pupping season means no hanging round
Close in shore , the second dive
Kelp galore and even sand

On deck again, and mixed reports
a decent dive I thought,
but this diving is a personal thing
something very early taught.

Allan, Jan and even Trace
were raving about their dive
A seal had come along to play ,
makes you happy to be alive.

But others back were less impressed
and it’s all about what you see
Tomorrow is another day
for you, and him and  me

So Cylinders filled and bellies as well
Sunday brought much hope
The west of the island was our initial aim
how would we all manage to cope

So dropping in and on the bed
it seemed to be running fast
12 fin kicks and nothing moved
40 minutes more , would I last !

So we kept in close, and crawled along
until we reached the end
turned the corner with the current behind
wow, look how fast we descend !

A reasonable dive with bits to see
Kev even saw two eels
Crabs, more kelp and even fish
I thought it quite appealed

But back on top , the swell was up
and back upon the deck
Aching legs and burning lungs
life insurance I need to check!

The last dive was a mystery drift
With only 6 hardy ones in
4 flew along the side of the coast
2 more, too tightly tucked in

But all back, safe and sound
before the engines roared
a bumpy journey back to land
be nice to have been warned

Diving is a strange old thing
depending on your thoughts
but I was happy with what I saw
and applying what I was taught

Another day we will go back
who knows when we set sail
but rest assured my name will be down
and that’s the end of my tale !